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  • How do I know I'm ready for my driving test?

    You'll usually be ready to take your driving test when:
    * You do not need prompts from your driving instructor.
    * You do not make serious or dangerous mistakes when you're driving.
    * You can pass mock driving tests.
    * You have practised ways of managing your nerves.
    * Your driving instructor agrees you're ready.

  • Where do most people fail in their driving test?

    This guide:
    * Explains the top 10 reasons people fail the car driving test in Great Britain.
    * Gives examples of the types of mistakes that count for each reason.

    How to use this guide:
    You need to be a good driver to pass the driving test. If you regularly make any of the mistakes explained in this guide during your driving lessons or private practice, you’re not ready to take your driving test. Use the examples with your driving instructor and supervising driver to help identify any areas where you still need to develop your knowledge, skills and understanding.
    There are 27 skills in total that you need to learn to become a safe driver and pass your driving test.

    These were the top 10 reasons between April 2022 and March 2023.

  • What skills should I learn to be a safe driver and pass my driving test?

    There are 27 skills you should learn to become a safe driver and pass your driving test. These skills are split into 8 groups:
    * Basics
    * Control and positioning
    * Observations, signalling and planning
    * Junctions, roundabouts and crossings
    * Manoeuvres
    * Road types
    * Driving conditions
    * Following routes